High speed 8 colour gearless CI flexo printing machine

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8 colour gearless CI printing machine

technical specifications

Model CHCI8-600F CHCI8-800F CHCI8-1000F CHCI8-1200F
Max. Web value 650mm 850mm 1050mm 1250mm
Max. Printing value 550mm 750mm 950mm 1150mm
Max. Machine Speed 500m/min
Printing Speed 450m/min
Max. Unwind/Rewind Dia. φ800mm
Drive Type Gearless full servo drive
Plate thickness Photopolymer plate 1.7mm or 1.14mm (or to be specified)
Ink Water base ink or solvent ink
Printing length (repeat) 300mm-800mm
Electrical supply Voltage 380V. 50 HZ.3PH or to be specified

Function Description

  • Double station unwinding
  • Full servo Printing system
  • Pre registration function
  • Production menu memory function
  • Start up and shut down automatic clutch pressure function
  • Automatic pressure adjustment function in the process of printing speed up
  • Chamber doctor blade quantitative ink supply system
  • temperature control and centralized drying after printing
  • EPC before printing
  • It has cooling function after printing
  • Double station winding.

Double Station Turret Unwinding

Tension control: Using ultra-light floating roller control, automatic tension compensation, closed loop control (low friction cylinder position Detection, precise pressure regulating valve control, automatic alarm or shutdown when the roll diameter reaches the set value)

Double Station Turret Unwinding

Pressure regulation

The pressure between the anilox roller and the printing plate roller is driven by 2 servo motors for each color, and the pressure is adjusted by ball screws and upper and lower double linear guides, with position memory function


Doctor blade and ink supply system

Aluminum alloy profile doctor blade cavity, seal ink, reduce solvent volatilization, keep ink viscosity and clean.

Doctor blade and ink supply system (1)
Doctor blade and ink supply system (2)

Sleeve Syetem

Printing Cylinder sleeve imported from Europe
Sleeve ceramic anilox roller

Sleeve Syetem (1)
Sleeve Syetem (2)
Sleeve Syetem (3)

Central drying system

Intelligent continuous constant temperature control, fully enclosed structure, air box adopts heat preservation structure.

Central drying system (2)
Central drying system (1)

Video Inspection System

Video Inspection System (2)
Video Inspection System (1)

Double Station Turret Rewinding

Double Station Turret Rewinding

Printing Sample


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